About Hard Target Training Group 

Hard Target Training Group is a component of Hard Target Security Group, LLC; Conducting business from Tallahassee Florida USA. HTTG offers professional law enforcement training and consulting in the Southeastern United States, and the Caribbean, but is capable of conducting business across the globe.

HTTG can offer a perspective to your training needs that many other companies simply overlook or are incapable of  providing. HTTG established its training curriculum from experienced military and law enforcement trainers who have special operations backgrounds. HTTG utilizes professionals with decades of training expertise in many different focus areas ensuring the content is technically, tactically and legally valid.

Our Logo

The Rook, is easily recognizable as a chess piece, a critical part of a game of strategy. The Rook stands as a fortification or a “Hard Target”. History shows that virtually any fortification can be compromised if its adversary is determined, skilled, equipped and willing to die for success. We appreciate the reality that it’s difficult to achieve a guaranteed security solution.  We also know criminals are opportunistic. Make yourself a “Hard Target” and you will remove the opportunity from the criminal. Lastly, our Logo graphically depicts four building blocks one stacked on top of the other. This is representative of our approach to training. Success begins with a solid foundation then like building blocks, you build upon that foundation with intermediate and advanced training course work. HTTG believes that training should mirror reality and that the best training should strive to achieve stress inoculation through scenario based instruction.